Understanding the Wikileaks Grand Jury

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The Listening Post: Blowing the whistle on Obama’s America

Have a look at the latest episode of The Listening Post on Al Jazeera on Obama’s war against whistleblower and the (lack of) coverage by the American media. The Obama adminstration has indeed prosecuted more individuals under the espionnage act than any previous American government.




More on Eric Holder

To read more about Eric Holder here are two interesting pieces:


2010 US House Judiciary Comittee debate

On December 2010 a panel of democrat and republican representatives, scholars, lawyers and judges moderated by Democrat Representative John Conyers gathered at the US House Judiciary Committee to debate the constitutionality of prosecuting Julian Assange under the Espionage Act.

Different visions on Wikileaks’ impact on the country’s safety were discussed. Questions were raised about the need to change the law and whether the espionage act was obsolete. The nuance between leaking and spying was also a key element brought up during the debate. While some panellists severely condemned Bradley Manning, overall most agreed there was a poor management of classified materials and a tendency to over classification when more transparency and a better protection of actually secret material would avoid such massive release.

Watch the 3 hour debate on Wikileaks Press.